75 ball bingo games

75 Ball Bingo Game

75 Ball Bingo Game Rules

There are several different types of bingo games with diffrent bonuses that can be played. While all of them have the same general purpose of matching the numbers on your bingo card with the ones that are being called, the specific ways that you can win differ between all of the bingo games. One of the most popular bingo games today is the 75 ball bingo game

75 ball bingo game

75 ball bingo is also known as “US Bingo” and is quite popular among North American bingo players. 75 ball bingo is played using a 5×5 square that has 24 of a possible 75 numbers on it along with a free spot in the middle of the bingo card.

As the bingo dealer calls off the numbers players will daub those numbers on their bingo cards. There are a couple ways that you can win when playing 75 ball bingo.

One way to win is by getting a “full house” which occurs when you fill up your entire bingo card. The other way to win when playing 75 ball bingo is to match the numbers on your card to a predetermined pattern. 

75 Ball Bingo Game Online

Don’t forget that many 75 ball bingo games offer variety of bingo bonuses, so don’t buy the cards without knowing what your bonus is.

While you cannot really go wrong with any type of bingo game 75 ball bingo is certainly a great choice to make. 75 ball bingo is a popular choice among new bingo players as the game is usually played at a much quicker pace than 90 ball bingo which makes for a much more exciting time at your local bingo hall.

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